The only island community for Nantucketers and Nantucket Lovers
to bring together Love, Spirit, and Pleasure for empowerment & embodiment in a judgement free zone. 

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Do you find yourself giving more than you get and feeling drained? 
You feel everyone's energy and you have a challenging time figuring out where you end and others begin.
Perhaps, people come to you to feel better.
Ever have someone say to you, "I feel so much better having talked to you."
Strangers share their problems with you?

You're an empth
And being an empath can be a gift when used correctly
But if not, you'll have health challenges, feel tired all the time, want to disconnect from the world, and feel lonely.
Maybe you feel stuck.

Maybe you feel misunderstood.

and most likely, you'll feel like you're not able to speak up and use your voice. You may even want to hide or not be seen.
You're in the right place if...
  • You want to feel Empowered - Striving to feel grounded in all areas of your life
  • You want to feel Embodied - To feel comfortable in your own skin and love your body
  • You want to learn to use your energy for the highest outcome and not feel drained by other people's energies.
  • Looking for a community to be able to talk about all things Spiritually and be your true self
  • Want to Feel a connection to a higher power
  • Want More pleasure - in & out of the bedroom
  • Want to have Connection & Community of like-minded souls - Women that hold space, honor each other, and want more love in the world
Nantucket Love School Focuses
Workshops & Courses
Does the combination of Spirit & Pleasure make you more confident, grounded, and purposeful? Yup!  
We have found this combination to be powerful ripple effect to all areas of our lives.  And actually, pretty effortlessly.

Nantucket Love School has Self-paced as well as live courses and workshops to be able to learn as well as fine tune your abilities for intuitive/mediumship, self-love, and pleasure.
Community Circles
The most popular part of the Nantucket Love School would be our community circles. Once a week we meet to support each other.  There are also office hours where you're able to connect with Dorothy to feel supported with the love work. 
Love Resources
LoveBlog, Love Lessons, best practices, and more.  More ways to support you as you grow, transform, and thrive in the world. 
Join now for $37
Answers before you ask
Who is the Nantucket Love School for?
This school is for empaths or people that want to feel connected to Spirit and to others, whom want to tap into Spirit, bring more love and pleasure into their lives. 
Do I need to be in a romantic relationship to be in the school? 
Nope!  Single, married, in a relationship, complicated will all benefit. Most of the pleasure and love workshops are for solo selves but can be used when you're in a relationship. 
What if I can't make every Intuitive circle?
The circle is meant to be no pressure and causal.  You don't need to have experience.  You don't need to show up on time or stay for the whole circle.  Come as you are and come and go as you need to.
Do I need to do readings or receive a reading during the intuitive circle?
You don't need to do anything you don't want to.  We have students that don't feel called to do readings but still want to receive a reading and visa versa.  It all works out beautifully!
Some students just want to be with the other students.  Some students don't say a word through the whole circle.  It's a personal choice what's available to you that day.
There's so many offerings, where do I begin? 
Great question!  You begin where you feel called to; Love, Spirit, Pleasure or even past archived courses.  Archived courses are no longer available to the public, just love school members.
We do find most students come to the membership because of the weekly circle.  It's very loving and supportive space.
What if I need to pause or I want to cancel
You may come and go as you please.  If you pause or cancel your membership, your next billing cycle will not go through.  You'll have the rest of the month to enjoy within the membership and offerings.  If you decide to come back, you may start your membership back up again.  FYI: There is not a price guarantee.  The price may change  
Will you be hosting in person events?
Yes! We are not sure when this will occur because of covid but we do plan on having in person meet-ups and events. 
Who is the membership not for?
At this time, the membership is not for men. Sorry!  Are thinking of having courses and workshops for men, but at this time we are focusing on women. 
What's the most popular part of the Nantucket Love School?
Hands down the weekly intuitive circle!  Keeps people coming back and it's so much fun to give and receive intuitive readings. 
Nantucket Love school
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  • Weekly Intuitive Development Circle; Receive and give intuitive readings. Casual. No experience needed

  • Intuitive and Mediumship Development Workshop Series: Learn the foundation of intuitive and psychic gifts, how to connect with your higher self and your spirit team, Using the pendulum for clarity, develop your intuitive and psychic gifts, how to connect with souls that have died, communicating with animals and how to use angel cards.

  • Private Love Network: This is where we share love and support with each other as well as have trainings for love, healing and Connecting with Spirit.

  • Bonus and archived past courses and workshops; Over 1200 hours of content for love, relationships and healing. for love, healing, and spririt. 

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